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Business Minimalist™ + Coach for Service Providers | Based in Iowa City, IA

hey, I'm jade boyd

I wanted to help entrepreneurs change the world for the better. So no, sitting in a cubicle, pushing papers, crunching numbers, and waiting for 5pm to roll around did NOT sound very appealing to me.

I was at a standstill and I took the leap. Maybe you've had a similar experience?

And most importantly, I wanted to make a REAL difference with the hard won business knowledge I'd gained over the past 6 years.

I was in love with the world of branding and marketing, but I was scrolling through hundreds of job descriptions, and they were all *really* boring.. like ‘I’d rather get paid minimum wage to be a barista’ level boring. 

I mean, do I look like a corporate gal to you? My self-named wardrobe style is “business casual pajamas", and I loathe meetings!

In my last semester of my MBA, I was in an all out PANIC.

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My other half

If you have big dreams for your service-based business, but are struggling to make them a reality, I want to help.

Connect with me by messaging me on Instagram or booking a discovery call today! I'd love to hear about your big, scary, audacious goals. Your dreams aren't insane. They're entirely possible.

is it time for you to take the leap and step into your ceo role?

As a Business + Productivity Coach, I help busy creatives simplify and scale their businesses so they can live a life of intention and freedom.

I create marketing strategies (that help you earn more), and systems strategies (that help you work less), so you can show up for the people in your life that matter most to you.

Now I'm owning my superpower and helping women create their dream businesses (and lives).

Jade Boyd co.

My Why

To empower others to create order from chaos so they can live a life of intention and freedom.

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