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What to Do When Your Plans Fail

I'm Jade!

MBA | Business Strategist | Business Minimalist | I help busy creatives bring order to chaos with an intentional business strategy and simple systems.

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When Things Don’t Go as You Planned..

The fourth of July, 10 pm. The fireworks were blazing outside (just out of view!) but the baby wasn’t going back to sleep.

Nope, not my baby! The monitor wasn’t working, and I was trying to give my friend a break. But her one year old woke up, and as she tried to get her back to sleep, the fireworks blazed on.

Welp! Needless to say… we BOTH missed the fireworks, and my master plan to give my friend a break didn’t go as expected!! 🤦‍♀️

If you’re a business owner, you know (maybe too well!), that grand plans rarely work out like we think they will.

Like when a blizzard rolls through on the day you booked back to back mini sessions or when you arrive to your photoshoot only to realize you somehow forgot your camera…

The Highs and Lows of my Business this Year

These past few months, a lot of things in my business have gone according to plan – like launching the Business Minimalist™ Podcast, signing my biggest client ever, and finally finding a world-class bookkeeper I love – and a lot of things definitely have not!

I renamed my podcast 4 weeks after launching, quit brand photography cold turkey, and realized a lot of client projects I took on weren’t actually all that fun or fulfilling!!

And you know what? That’s completely okay.. normal even!

It almost never goes exactly as planned! 🤪

But when the plan fails, you pivot. You adjust. You recalculate. And you realize you’re more capable than you ever believe you were.

Whatever you do, don’t waste this season of business just because it didn’t go according to plan. I’m here cheering you on, believing that you’re going to make it out better than ever on the other side.

Business Coaching for Creatives

And if you’re ready to make space for a little more freedom, intentionality, and joy while leveling up in business this season, I’m accepting applications for 1:1 business coaching (ongoing enrollment)! Click here to apply and save your 3 month spot today.


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Hi, I'm Jade.
I bring order to business chaos.

From MBA to Brand Photographer to Business Coach, I help busy creatives bring order to chaos with an intentional strategy and simple systems so they can make time for the things that matter most! Is business overwhelm preventing you from pursuing your goals and creating a life you love? 

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Business + Productivity Coach | I help busy creatives bring order to chaos with an intentional strategy and simple systems.

Hi, I'm Jade!

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