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Organize Your Business in One Place

Organize Your Business in One Place

Streamline your workflows, ditch the busy work, and reach your goals faster with the Organize your Business Template!

feeling scattered and overwhelmed?

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And I'm not talking about stress buying post-its and file folders.. I'm talking about ditching the busy work so you can spend more time working on your goals - every. single. day.

It's possible to start each workday knowing EXACTLY what you should (and shouldn't!) be doing to grow your business. It's possible to earn more while working less. And yes, it's possible to get work done even while you're sleeping!

I know what it's like to feel stuck in your business, constantly working on client projects while your own business gets neglected. That ends now!

Is it time you finally get your business organized?

your business shouldn't be running your life.

What You Need:

Ditch the busy work

Eliminate and automate busy work in your business so you're not wasting time on tasks that don't move the needle.

cut your work time in half

Create and streamline your workflows so you can batch your work or outsource like a pro!

earn more money

Spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business - then watch the numbers grow.

From MBA to Brand Photographer to Productivity Coach, I help busy creatives bring order to chaos with an intentional strategy and simple systems. I'm here to help you unlock your highest level of productivity to create a business and life you love.

Speaker | Business Minimalist™ Podcast Host | Planner Creator

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"Honestly, this template is a no-brainer for your business. Anyone who isn't using this is wasting time & energy."


"Before I had a vision of where I was going, but this template helped me create the blueprint. The best part is that I can clearly see that my goals are being met!


Organize and automate your business - in one place.

The Organize your Business Template


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Module 01: Task Management 101

When it comes to managing the dozens of tasks competing for your time and attention... you need a system! I'll teach you:

  • The 5 task batches every business owner needs
  • 5 simple steps to declutter your to-do list and free up time for more important work
  • How to take inventory of all the tasks you're responsible for and organize them into a simple, actionable system

Course breakdown:

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Module 02: ClickUp Basics

ClickUp is POWERFUL, but we're gonna keep it simple! I'll show you everything you need to know to get started in ClickUp, including:

  • How to easily navigate the ClickUp platform
  • My favorite ClickUp features, views, and shortcuts!
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Module 03: Organize your Goals

Are you constantly rescheduling or pushing off goal-related projects for your business? In this module, I'm going to show you how to prioritize needle-moving projects and monitor your goal progress in ClickUp! In this module, we'll:

  • Break down your goals and create a strategic plan for your business (so you'll know exactly what to focus on each month to grow your business)
  • Organize your personal development plan! You know that course you bought and never watched? Yeah.. we're not gonna do that anymore!
  • Organize all of your business ideas.. in a way that won't distract you from getting work done.

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Module 04: Organize your Clients

Learn how to create a seamless, next level client experience by getting your client workflow in order! In this module, you'll learn:

  • How to build your client workflows in ClickUp
  • How to use automations in your client workflows
  • How to connect your CRM to ClickUp with Zapier (an integration software)
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Module 05: Organize your Marketing

Never guess what you should do to book your next client! Learn how to organize your marketing plan and create streamlined marketing workflows in ClickUp. In this module, you'll learn:

  • How to organize your marketing + content ideas by channel
  • How to create + automate your marketing workflows in ClickUp
  • How to create a content calendar and view all your marketing activities in one place

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Module 06: Organize your Admin Tasks

Organize and batch your busy work so nothing slips through the cracks even in your busiest seasons! In this module, you'll learn:

  • Two ways to manage your admin tasks in ClickUp (+ my preferred method 😏)
  • Simple strategies for minimizing the time you spend on administrative tasks
  • How to maintain an organized task management system






The Results You're
Going to Get

How does this sound?


get more time on your calendar for the things that matter most to you

ditch the busy work by eliminating, automating, or outsourcing the tasks that don't light you up

double your income by spending more time doing the tasks that actually make you money

cut your workload in half by implementing smart workflows and templates

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The exact ClickUp template I use to organize my business in ClickUp, plus a behind the scenes look into every folder in my ClickUp space!

Clickup template

I'll teach you how to get started in ClickUp and how to use each part of my template to organize your business.

7 Course modules

You'll get immediate access to all future versions of the course + template for FREE!

Lifetime access

What's Included?

A year from now you'll thank yourself for getting organized today...

so let's get started!

This      for you if:

You need to get organized in order to scale your business or start hiring

you're not willing to do the work to get organized

YOU FEEL SCATTERED AND OVERWHELMED jumping from task to task daily

YOU'RE NOt ready to make difficult decisions about your priorities


It's probably        for you if...

you want to be busy so you can feel important




The Weekly Review Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in your life and business? Doing a weekly review can help you organize more productive and meaningful weeks! I'll show you how in this free guide.

grab the checklist

Showing up consistently for your business

Building systems that will cut your work time in half

Improving your client experience and raising your prices

Spending more time operating in your zone of genius

Creating efficient processes that increase your profitability

Feeling more balanced, rested, and in alignment with the type of life you want to create and live

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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Do I have to use ClickUp?

Not necessarily! If you use a similar task management software like Asana, you'll be able to recreate this template. However, I can't guarantee that all of the views, automations, or integrations I cover in my trainings will work with other software platforms. When it comes to task management software, I've tried them all, and I believe ClickUp has the perfect balance of power and simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it's just me in my business, and I'm still figuring out my workflows?

Then this is the perfect time to get organized! When the time comes, you'll be able to seamlessly integrate your VA, copywriter, or social media manager into your business with just a few clicks!

What if I already have a CRM system?

That's great! CRM Systems are powerful tools, and the more popular CRMs for service-based businesses like Dubsado and Honeybook will integrate seamlessly with ClickUp. In fact, using your CRM in tandem with ClickUp will allow you to automate even more of your client work! I'll show you some tips and tricks on how to use these systems together in Module 04.

Will I get access to future templates?

Yes! When you purchase this template, you get lifetime access to any changes or improvements that are made to the template and course materials.

What's ClickUp?

I'm so glad you asked - it's going to blow your mind! ClickUp is a task management software and so much more. ClickUp's tagline is "One App to Replace Them All" and it's so true! If you need it to function like a CRM, Content Calendar, Habit Tracker, Project Planner, or even email sender - it's got everything you need to run your business in one place.

Let's organize your business!