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How to Plan a Launch with Erika Stoerkel

How to Plan a Launch with Erika Stoerkel
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Have you ever struggled with knowing how to plan a launch for a new offer in your business? I know I have! With all the different strategies, offer types, and technology surrounding launches, it can be easy to go into overwhelm fast. Especially if you’re planning a serious launch for the first time! This is why I’m thrilled to have Erika Stoerkel on the podcast today, breaking down everything you need to know to plan your next launch.

Erika Stoerkel, CEO + founder of Delta Perspectives, is a marketing strategist who really knows how to plan a launch! Erika has integrated many years of project management to help course creators reach their goals, get to the next level in their careers, and live out their dreams.

Coming from a complementary and alternative research background, Erika has a unique approach to launch marketing and business management. Through her work, she helps business owners launch while avoiding the long-term burnout that most entrepreneurs face after launching.

After you listen to this episode, you’ll be ready to launch your next offer with less stress and more success!

How to Plan a Launch with Erika Stoerkel

Key Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The four types of launches and why they matter
  • The phases of launching and what to focus on in each phase
  • The key components of a successful launch (and why it’s easier than you may think!)
  • How much time should you budget to launch a new offer?
  • Software tools to help your launch flow seamlessly
  • Why more offers doesn’t always lead to more profit
  • How to create your own unique launch marketing strategy instead of copying and pasting what everyone else is doing
  • How to get in the right mindset and overcome the self-doubt, fear, and anxiety may come with launching a new offer
  • How to make your next launch WAY less stressful!
How to Plan a Launch with Erika Stoerkel

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