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2022 Marketing Trends for Small Business Owners

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Let’s talk about marketing trends and predictions for 2022! In this episode, I’m sharing 9 marketing trends based on 2022 trend and prediction reports.

In this episode, we’ll talk about marketing, e-commerce, social media, branding, and more. I’ll also share how you can take advantage of these marketing trends as a small business owner.

I’ll also give you simple takeaways and action steps to help you, the small business owner, improve your marketing strategy in 2022.

Marketing Research Reports

Here are links to all of the reports that were used or quoted in the recording of this podcast episode.

01 | Know Your Brand Purpose [5:00]

In 2022, brands with a clear purpose are winning. They’re standing out from the crowd, building brand loyalty, and connecting with their customer on an emotional level.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek, Start with Why

02 | Customization [16:06]

We’re living in an individualistic society – we want things when we want it, where we want it, how we want it. Brands are continuing to find unique ways to create customized experiences for their customers.

03 | Social Commerce [20:06]

More and more people are buying directly on social media platforms without leaving the apps. This represents a huge opportunity for brands to meet their consumer where they’re at. We’re also going to see more opportunities to facilitate purchasing directly from social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest.

04 | User Generated Content [24:28]

Consumers are tired of ads and are losing trust for big brand names. This will make authentic, organic, user-generated content more important than ever in 2022.

05 | Influencer Marketing [29:19]

I’ll say it again – people trust people! Influencer marketing continues to rise, but so does the cost and competition.

06 | The Desire for Simplicity and Ease [32:57]

In our post-pandemic society, there’s a longing to go back to simpler times. People are reassessing what’s important to them and opting for a slower way of living. Brands who make things as simple and easy as possible will stand to profit in 2022.

07 | Video Marketing [39:05]

Video marketing is on the rise with more ways than ever to incorporate video marketing into your 2022 strategy. Let’s think beyond reels and TikTok though, okay? 🙂

08 | Community [42:46]

Consumers are seeing brands as a connection to their people. Associating with a brand means associating with a tribe. Is your brand creating or facilitating community?

09 | Snackable Content [48:25]

Our attention span is now 8 seconds on average (1 second less than the average goldfish). Short content is on the rise for 2022.

Build your Brand Strategically in 2022

Tune in for the full episode anywhere you listen to podcasts! You’ll finish this episode with dozens of ideas for how to win in marketing in 2022!

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