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Simple Automations that Save me Hours of Work Every Week in My Business | The Business Edit™ Podcast with Jade Boyd

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If you’ve ever delegated a task to your partner, kids, or an employee, you’ll know how magical it feels when work gets done without you having to show up or lift a finger. It can be addicting! Automating tasks in your business can give you that same magical feeling – almost like you’ve found a cheat code for life. So today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite automations that save me time every single week to hopefully open your eyes to some new automations you can create in your own business.


Unlearning Procrastination with Chelsey Newmyer | The Business Edit™ Podcast with Jade Boyd

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In today’s episode, Time Management and Productivity Coach, Chelsey Newmyer, is going to share how to unlearn procrastination, identify your unique triggers and patterns, lean into healthier behaviors, and give yourself grace on the journey. Press play to learn how to unlearn your unique procrastination patterns and increase your productivity as a business owner.


My 4P To-Do List Method to Create your Most Productive Life | The Business Edit™ Podcast with Jade Boyd

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We are meant to LIVE our lives not simply MANAGE our lives. But it’s really hard to find time to actually live your life if you don’t have a system for managing the minutia of day-to-day life that will inevitably get in your way. So today, I want to share with you my 4P to-do list method. This is an extremely simple method I’ve been using and refining over the past 3+ years to organize my to-do list and my time around my priorities – each quarter, month, week, and day.


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