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This week on the podcast, I’m sharing the nitty gritty details of the one routine that keeps me productive week after week: my Weekly Review!

I first learned about the concept of weekly reviews in 2015 from David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ framework. This weekly routine has been a really important part of my life ever since!

My routine has changed in different seasons of life, but never has it ever been more important than as a small business owner. I have to credit most of my success to this routine, because it helps me make sure I’m following through on my commitments and making steady progress on my most important goals.

What’s a Weekly Review?

A ‘weekly review’ is a time set aside at the end of the week to review everything that happened and use that information to make decisions for the week ahead.

It’s a time to check in with yourself, assess what’s happening in your life, and reflect on where your weeks are taking you (and where you want to go).

I’ve created a free guide to help you create a weekly review checklist that not only helps you become more productive, but helps you design more fulfilling schedule as a small business owner.

Why do a Weekly Review?

There are so many benefits from doing a weekly review. First, nothing slips through the cracks in your business or life. Reviewing the important areas of your life each week means you’re not neglecting the things that matter most (even if they’re not urgent). It’s also a way to make sure all those to-dos bouncing around in your head are written down and organized that helps you get them done on time.

Second, doing a weekly review will help you turn off work for the weekend. When everything is in your task management system, you’re able to truly turn off work, knowing everything is taken care of.

Third, a regular review can help you make sure you’re making progress on your goals. Each week, you can monitor your goal progress and schedule in your more important projects before the day-to-day chaos ensues.

And last, you’re able to create a life and business you truly want to live, one week at a time. Small adjustments week after week will help you make consistent progress.

The Weekly Review Checklist [8:30]

You can grab a copy of my weekly review checklist here to help you craft a custom checklist that fits your stage of life and business!

My 5-step weekly review checklist, available to download here.

How long does it take?

Make it work for your schedule! You can shorten it to 30 minutes or extend it to 3 hours. I usually block an hour to go through this process. Just make sure you tailor your process to work for your life and business.

How can I make this a habit?

The first thing I’d recommend is blocking it in your calendar. Choose a time when you can be distraction free, and make it a priority in your schedule.

Second, make it an enjoyable life rhythm! Go outside or to a coffee shop, light a candle, play some music, or use an inspiring notebook or planner. The more enjoyable your routine is, the more likely you’ll be to stick to it.

When should I do my weekly review?

I like doing my weekly reviews on Friday mornings so I can wrap everything up by the end of the day and check out for the weekend.

Some people prefer to separate their weekly reviews and weekly previews. You could complete the review and reflection (steps 1-4) on Friday or Saturday, and save the weekly preview (step 5) for Sunday or Monday. Schedule it for a time that works best for you.

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